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Rejuvenation Therapy
3, 7, 14 days

Includes herbal oil massages and other herbal procedures which improves blood circulation and helps in rejuvenating your body and mind.

Remedies for all types of Arthritis
7, 14, 21 days

Application of herbal poultices (Kizhi), oil massages which reduces inflammation and pain of joints associated with arthritis, also restore movements by reducing stiffness.

Special procedures to get rid of stress & strain
3, 7, 14 days

Abhyangam, Sirodhara and various other therapies which completely de stress you and provides mental, physical & even spiritual relaxation.

Spine and neck care
3, 5, 7, 14 days

Perfectly crafted therapies to relive stiffness and pressure from spine and neck.

Healing sinusitis & migraine
7, 14, 21 days

Therapies including nasyam, sirodara which provides natural cure for sinusitis and migraine.

Weight loss program
9, 14, 21 days

Powder massages, steam bath and various other procedures increase your basic metabolic rate thereby preventing excess fat accumulation.

Herbal & natural procedures for skincare
3, 7, 14 days

Traditional oil massages, herbal body & face pack, steam bath etc. Giving luster, tone and glow to skin.

Post pregnancy health program
7, 14, 21 days

Therapies and massages which helps in toning the muscles and getting back to shape after delivery.

7, 14, 21 Days

Authentic panchakarma procedures to get rid of toxins from your system and helps you to lead a free life.

Proven cure for joint and muscular pain
7, 14, 21 days

Treatments include oil massages, pichu, lepanam, application of poultices etc. Which reduces pain, swelling, soreness of joints and muscles


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